Paul is a songwriter living in the mid atlantic region of the United States. This web site is an archive of his demos for friends and family to listen to and download. If you are a singer or band member, a talent manager, a producer or director or have any interest in using one of these songs or recordings in a project of your own please contact All songs copyrighted by Paul McLaughlin

Many of the songs are written with the idea that different characters can use the songwriter's skills to express themselves, allowing for a variety of view points; some songs are not.
Regardless of the character or the view point all songs are copyrighted by Paul McLaughlin

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Trying to get lap top working as a studio in not so new digs, guitar and vocals to get feel of song and then a few additions; americana? probably all of my songs but never too sure of the definition; not written from a younger perspective and one of the reasons why I have felt the need to try a younger perspective recently
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