Paul McLaughlin
There's a feeling I get when I look to the west
the diamond like teeth the lifeless like breasts
there's a feeling I get when I look from the west
the stab at the back while they're pressing the flesh
all in all
all I wanted
was a relic from a bone

There's no halos for these strange fellows
strangely unreal a strange unpretend
really what matters is whose left in the end
to smile some diamonds and bury some friends
the real cream won't rise it's faking the bends
all in all...

Lie to a face
it gets you what you wanted
it gives it what it needs
lie in that bed
strange fellows indeed

There's a feeling...
it's not what you are more who you best
taking a poll to choose a new quest
heart on your sleeve cards to your vest
there's you and yours fuck all the rest
all in all...
Raw demo guitar and vocal some effects added later; rock or folk rock; too much newspaper again
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