Paul McLaughlin
Pog mo thoin
Never did I ever care
about yourself or your affairs
but now I take some interest in your case
since you've decided you've a say
how I should play and I should pray
here's a situation you should face

Pog mo thoin, pog mo thoin
shout it out let it be known
that I am right and I condone
you pog mo thoin, pog mo thoin

The Lord let Adam eat the fruit
before he gave those two the boot
temptation seemed to be part of his plan
the world is here for us to use
with many things for us to choose
cant your can'ts I answer with my can

You need to leave a soul alone
to live the life it wants to own
mind your own business that's the plea
tolerance the price you pay
to live your life in your own way
pucker up please if you disagree

Why do you
believe that you
know what's right for me to do
open doors
you want to shut
you've got your if and or now here's my butt
HAPPY ST PATS...VERSION 2 Raw demo voice and guitar (with voices added) on software I can barely control; this is a version closer to how I perform it live, a little different tempo/riff; there is an alternate version on this site
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Date: 2017-03-10 19:54:34
Name: Ellen
Location: WVUD Newark Delaware

I love this song. I'm not sure I have the courage to play it on the air.
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