Paul McLaughlin
Nurture Boy
He walked through my house he said, "you have so many things
I have so little so this should be mine"
he loosened the gag to give me a chance to speak
I said, hate corrodes love shines
he rolled his eyes and me to the floor
laughing out loud and strong he kicked me in the head
and said, "you must have the gag again
love is all you need if love is all you want
I want a sandwich now and then"

Shine love...

I came to in the morning with an ache in my skull
swearing to have my revenge
to tamp down the child's voice in my thoughts
and never be so naive again
a few days later I set out to buy a gun
I dreamed of my finger, the trigger, his head
it seemed my days had become shadows and dust
and could not shine til he was dead

Shine love...

I walked through the park stopping under a tree
I felt something strange, enchanted perhaps
a sad eyed boy held me in his gaze
my first thoughts were of scams and of traps
he lowered his eyes and I sat on the ground
he said, "you've paid for the words of comics and chiefs
now take these words I have chosen to give
love is not all you need to survive
but what you must have to live"

Shine love...
Full demo on software I can barely control; bit of an island sound but could fit in many places; tried to riff on a standard

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