Paul McLaughlin
A Pearl
I've been thinking bout a photograph
I've been picking out a wall
I'd like to have it torn in half
and hanging in my hall
then anyone can see
when they come visit me
life's a pearl

It's a picture of a broken day
a tiny memory of a cut
it haunted me a thousand ways
so I sunk it in my gut
now I can finally see
what you've been telling me
life's a pearl
what, what'd you say? any shitty morning could turn into a beautiful day

There are things that will not disappear
there are things I will not hide
it doesn't need to be window clear
to remember what's inside
I will be dutiful
for something beautiful
life's a pearl
Raw demo guitar and vocal; Tamla sound perhaps, upbeat; it's like that chapter in Moby Dick that's all about the particulars of whaling...or it's a therapy song.
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