Paul McLaughlin
In a field near my home
the deer feed at the gloaming
and I stand aside of the road
cars at my back
drive as if they're attacking
but they're only trying to get home
somewhere in time
is a reason or rhyme
a trick or a trace of a light
me I am here
with my thumbs in my ears
straddling the day and the night

In 1914
with their uniforms gleaming
they marched like they couldn't be wrong
in less than a year
they were muddied and fearing
they never would find their way home
they started an ending
that's twisting and bending
but keeps to it's damnable path
me I am here
with my thumbs in my ears
pondering the rapture and wrath
somewhere in time...

Once you believe
your ends justify means
you have darkened what some call a soul
you dig or you die
as gas fills up the sky
and you quiver inside of your hole
somewhere in time...
...some still believe
you can grow as you grieve
while you straddle the day and the night
Full demo from Target Studio; somewhere between folk and rock, celtic sound to it, can be played with a more straight forward rock beat at a faster tempo and it works well; staring at deer while traffic is humming.
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Date: 2018-05-06 17:01:17
Name: tom williams

A song that I would enjoy hearing in played live in a raucous Irish pub....or just about anywhere else.
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